INTRODUCING: A simple Tool To Protect Yourself From These Harmful Frequencies
Some Believe In EMF protection - Some Do Not. either Way It's Fine With Me. I have Believed In Protecting Yourself From these frequencies For Over 20 years. as the information i have seen proves to me that they are indeed real.  you be your own judge.
EMF Frequencies Are Everywhere Why Not Protect yourself
Give this world good energy...
Hi Paul Santisi here. As we all travel down our own personal road from success to significance.  Having tools to assist us is always something that I am searching for and utilizing in my own life.  I have been using these pieces for several years now and I am SOLD ON THEM 100%. I have them on every device that I use, my staff uses and on every device that family uses (tv,phones,tablets,laptops, anything with wifi or wireless technology) I believe in them, and while others want to charge you hundreds of dollars for pieces that do the same thing, I want to give you one FOR FREE (just cover $9.95 postage and fulfillment). GLOBAL SHIPPING!
  • FACT: Radiation is released by mobile phones, computers, tablets, wifi cameras, camcorders and any other wireless devices.

    Which many believe affects the function of our central nervous systems, our  thoughts and our overall vibration.
  • Also many DO NOT BELIEVE that radiation from wireless devices does NOT cause any harm. This is your decision to make.

    As you know, the planet is bombarded with invisible wireless frequency hazards no matter where on the planet you are.

    There is a lot of information and research that shows these frequencies can influence how you think and feel.
  • The planet is addicted to wireless technology and many believe there is a negative side effect to all of this.

    Evidence shows that just a few minutes of mobile use begins to heat brain tissue and affect the cells.

    Many have issued warnings urging children under 16 not to use mobile devices even though it is universally accepted. Electromagnetic radiations emitted from mobile phones is bound to affect our health and well being.

    We are subjecting ourselves and our loved ones to this external stress and harmful EMF day in and day out. Just because we can't see radiation, doesn't mean it is not there effecting us in a negative way.

    Fortunately,  there is a solution, using this Anti Radiation sticker on a mobile phones or wireless device, assists us in neutralizes harmful EMF radiation emitted from mobiles without affecting in any way the functioning of the mobile phone or device.

    This effective Anti-Radiation EMF protector acts as a barrier between your mobile phone or device and your brain to absorb up to 97.17% of the radiation emitted.

    Others report additional benefits include:

        Increased battery life
        Faster charging times
        Extends batteries stand by times
        Decrease in headaches
        Insomnia Relief
        More Energy
        Feeling Better
        Plus much more.

    It is tested and proven to reduce harmful EMF’S and to harmonize EMF emitted from mobile phones as well as other electronics such as Laptops, Computers, Cordless Phones and all wireless devices.

    These stickers are made from special metals and minerals that are known to absorb radiation.  (up to 97.17%)

    These EMF stickers will outlast your mobile device. Simply stick on your device and protect yourself. You only need one per device.
  •  Note:  This is not a medical device. We STRONGLY recommend you to seek medical help for any medical problem.

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      What People Are Saying:
    "...This Thing Really Works For Me!"
    People tell me I am crazy for believing in this harmful frequency stuff.  I will always listen to my gut feelings and I am glad that I got one!
    "...You Won't Believe Til You Use It!"
    I thought is was a bunch of crap until I did my own research and discovered that maybe there is something going on here. $9.95 to find out sounds like a win win to me!
    "...It's A Life Saver! I'm So Thankful!"
    My hands do not tingle anymore after putting one of these on my cell phone and I have noticed less headaches. I can't explain it but I love the results!